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A beautiful yard, safe playground, and durable surface that can offer high impact absorption are only a few of the results synthetic grass can help residents or commercial owners in the USA to achieve, but what characterizes synthetic grass the most is its longevity along with the low maintenance it requires. It is usually mistaken as an expensive and not suitable option for areas with heavy traffic or where a high percentage of impact absorption is required, which leads most property owners in the country to rely on rubber surfaces. However, considering the fact that the synthetic version is usually used in playgrounds where accidents and falls take place quite often, it is possible to determine how suitable it is as a safety surface.

Choosing it above other alternatives is a great decision if you are trying to obtain the natural look of grass but without the need for water nor the high expenses of keeping the grass green during all seasons. In the process, you also obtain a surface that will allow children to play all day long and support activities that require reduction of impact in a wide variety of situations and occasions.

Synthetic Grass-Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America

The installation of this grass must be performed properly and choosing the perfect type is crucial for the final results and guaranteeing the safety of everyone using the area. There is a wide range of artificial grass that will determine the quality of the surface and how suitable it is to handle heavy traffic areas and provide the expected results for the impact absorption based on the activities performed in the area.

This is why the installation must be handled by professionals, and choosing the specific type of grass must be based on:

  • Athletic performance.
  • Safety.
  • Aesthetics.
  • And comfort.

At Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America, we consider the requirements of the client based on the location or space where the grass will be placed. In this way, we can offer recommendations and options based on how the surface will look while also guaranteeing safety and the best functional results. We understand that this grass is often used for aesthetic purposes, but we are aware that many decide to use it for spaces where activities that lead to heavy traffic will take place.

Synthetic Grasses-Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America

How Long Does Synthetic Grass Last?

It will depend on the quality of the materials and the installation. Acquiring artificial grass that is made of basic plastic and without any type of preparations or additions based on the weather of the location will not hold properly and last 5 years at most. The usual grass that wears out within 2 to 3 years is made of this plastic and it has many problems standing hot weather in particular. However, extreme or sudden changes in the weather can also cause the same result. This is the example for the most basic material, but when you compare it to a high-quality type of grass, the results in longevity are completely different since it is able to last for over 15 years with very low maintenance.

Therefore, when you use nylon or polypropylene as well as polyester tire cord, you can expect the grass to last 20 years without any issues most of the time since those are part of the high-quality raw materials to be used in the different parts of the synthetic option. Other materials can be used for the manufacturing of the grass according to the company or industry that provides the final result. Also, companies or experts that offer the installation service can fabricate artificial grass that is unique and meets their expectations for the results they want to accomplish for their clients. This takes us to the relevance of the installation.

The lifespan of the grass can be shortened due to poor drainage, weed growth, and plant-based damage, and all these problems are present only if the installation was done poorly. The best materials and type of grass will not stand nor last for too long when it is not properly installed and when the previous problems take place. This is why it is recommended to allow professionals to handle the process despite the option of installing the grass by yourself being available—or letting third parties without real experience do it on your behalf. It means more resources to be invested, but you will be guaranteed a high-quality and long-lasting result that will provide you with the safety and appearance you want for your area for at least a decade. On average, this surface should last between 15 to 20 years, and some even surpass the expectations not only for the materials used by the maintenance provided, which might be very low but continues to be crucial to guarantee the state of the grass.

Is Synthetic Grass Better Than Real Grass?

When comparing it to a natural result or appearance, nothing will be better than the actual material and element. However, when you put both options into comparison and include factors such as price, maintenance, durability, and longevity, things can change. Artificial grass can be expensive compared to letting real grass grow in your space or area since you need to pay for it in the first place. However, the maintenance of the real grass will require watering and this adds two elements you should avoid: the necessity of water and the difficulty of keeping the grass in good shape all year round. With the artificial option, you only need to worry about keeping it clean and removing dirt, but watering is not needed and the grass will look stunning 365 days a year.

Longevity and durability really depend on how you take care of the grass and if you are able to afford it. Overall, the synthetic alternative represents an expense in the beginning and something you might reconsider in the short run. However, being able to enjoy it without limits nor having to worry about its frequent maintenance will be worth the investment in 2 to 3 years and you will have it returned in almost the same amount of time. This is why we highly recommend its installation if you are trying to have a good-looking space that does not require much of your attention, will be maintained during winter or any other season, and provides impact absorption if you have a playground or other areas for activities. Our team at Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America will be happy to help in its installation and we will provide high-quality synthetic grass that goes according to the existing surface, your needs and preferences, and the appearance you want to accomplish with it.

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