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Artificial safety surfacing techniques are rapidly gaining popularity across the world. In addition to safety and protection, safety surfacing material provides a magnificent look to your place. Further, it has been a reason for the reduction in the number of injuries that the kids sustain after falling. The cities which are prone to natural calamities should go for safety surfacing systems. Safety surfacing systems have been widely in use for the past many years. It is a worthy option for playgrounds, resort gardens, professional sports fields, and even local play parks.Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America is a reputed service provider of various surfacing products. Don’t miss an opportunity to avail of our amazing resources. 


Benefits of synthetic surfacing systems

Long-term investment: Due to its durability, elasticity, and eco-friendly nature, synthetic surfacing material lasts longer than any other surfacing product. Also, our company offers years of guarantee to ease our customers. 

Eye-catching: Synthetic surfacing products are accessible in countless shapes, colors, and patterns. Besides, we do install different logos, effects, shades to provide customized services. And that too at low prices. Contact us to get further information on the same. 

Durable and weather-resistant: Natural surfacing like lawn grass, sand cover, mud, dust, etc., easily wear out in harsh weather. At the same time, it is hard to compete with the toughness of synthetic surfacing material. Durability is something synthetic surfacing is known for. 

Biodegradable nature: Manufacturers have designed the synthetic surface material to go well with the environment. Synthetic grass, bonded rubber, etc., are 100% recyclable. Hence, a sustainable product for a customer to go for. 

Safety and protection: A safety surfacing system keeps children as well as adults out of harm’s way. It provides a secured and guarded surface to land on. Unlike natural surfaces, it doesn’t cause any type of skin or bronchial allergies. It’s clear from the above info that synthetic surfacing is undoubtedly a worthy option to invest in. Moreover, our company offers various services of safety surfacing at reasonable costs; contact us to get free estimates and quotes. 

Know about services we offer

Safety Surfacing Services: Well, it is a simple way to create comfort and add color to your recreational place. It is done by adding tough layers to the floor. The establishment of safety surfacing might be a cumbersome procedure, but for professionals like us, it’s a snap. 

Poured-In-Place Rubber: It is mainly a two-layered system. They are usually composed of a tough base layer and a cushion-like upper layer. This gives an entirely safer landing surface. Moreover, it is recyclable and doesn’t cause pollution. 

Bonded Rubber: It is formed by merging shredded wood mulch with some binding agent to lay a continuous layer. It is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to lose the essence of natural surfacing. Also, it requires low maintenance and little care. 

Rubber Tiles: It is a reliable product with excellent flexibility. Rubber tiles are easy to install, carry and maintain. A variety of designs, colors, and layouts attract the customers to get it even customized. 

Synthetic Grass: It is composed of fine-quality fibers. These fibers are tensile, elastic, and porous, which makes them suitable for every kind of situation. Whether it is heavy precipitation or a natural calamity, they work well without any wear or tear. 

Synthetic Turf: it is more or less similar to the natural one. Synthetic Turf is durable and long-lasting. It can easily stay for several years without fading off. Contact us to know more and get your project done on time. 

Bonded Rubber Mulch: It is a popular option for playgrounds and many other amusement parks. It provides a stable surface to walk, jog, run, etc. bonded Rubber Mulch meets the ADA standards. In terms of both protection and sustainability, it is good to go for.

EPDM Rubber: It offers a wide range of designs and patterns. It works well against UV radiation and atmospheric stress. This surfacing material is tested and proven to withstand unfavorable conditions. Also, the EPDM Rubber surface is slip-resistant and safe enough to play. 

Our Safety surfacing services are meant to protect people, especially children, from unwanted accidents. Also, it raises the standard of playgrounds. Professionals are able to perform better than ever. Yet there’s a lot to know. So, grab your chance and book an appointment. 

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Locations we serve

We offer the above surfacing services at the following locations within Washington: 

  • Tacoma 
  • Vancouver
  • Kent
  • Everett
  • Renton
  • Seattle
  • Federal Way
  • Yakima 
  • Spokane 

Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America

We are a team of experts meant to provide you with the best kind of safety surfacing solutions. Our company provides top safety surfacing for professional playgrounds, parks, resorts, educational institutes, and many more. Also, we customize unique combinations of various surfacing systems; versatility in the services is what we offer. Further, we never overlook any aspect of the product. We assure quick services with smooth installation. Our company holds a name you can definitely trust. 

We are committed to serving legally verified products. Our manufacturing team is smart, skilled, and diligent. Customer satisfaction is our priority, of course. No matter what kind of issue is there, our team always stays on its toes. Here are a few things to note: 

  • Our products are guaranteed and meet the standards of the ADA, CPSC, and ASTM.
  • We are professionals with years of experience in the safety surfacing industry
  • We offer modest prices for our services and products.
  • Our company has well-defined privacy and policies. And this is, of course, necessary to avoid future conflicts.

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The success of safety surfacing largely depends on the type or style you choose. For that, our experts will assist you through your choices and help you act in the right direction. Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America is licensed and insured. Our team has enough knowledge and skills to serve you in the best ways. So, build faith and get ready to benefit from our amazing services. If you want to book our services feel free to reach us.

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