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Safe playgrounds, sports areas where any type of activity can be performed, stunning yards or patios, and any space that requires safety but also beauty, will require proper safety surfacing services regardless of the location in California. Since not all types of surfaces can offer the same benefits and characteristics, it is crucial to evaluate the options available. For aesthetics or landscaping purposes, most residential and commercial owners in the state do not pay attention to how safe the surface is, at least, it does not tend to be a priority. However, this will also depend on the area where the surface is required or if the main purpose of its installation changes. Playgrounds are the best example of this since they usually attract children not only for the equipment placed for playtime but also due to the design on the flooring and surface. Geometric patterns, bright colors, a wide variety of designs and more, are very common for these spaces.


Following the aesthetics, safety is even more crucial due to the common falls and accidents that take place every day or when any kid plays in the area. In these situations, owners and people overall do pay attention to how safe the surface is and if it is possible to have both: appearance and safety. At Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America, we strive to make it possible by using the safety surfaces available for installation, and all of them are made of high-quality materials to make sure longevity and durability are not an issue.

We often work with clients that require the installation of new surfaces on playgrounds due to how common they are in California, especially in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento. But every single one of our alternatives can be installed in both outdoor and indoor spaces and is not limited to playgrounds only.

Choosing the most suitable one for your project will depend on the area you have and factors like the climate in the city, your budget, the size of the existing surface that needs replacement, the appearance to be obtained, and the level of impact absorption required. Our professionals in safety surfacing will assess your space and consider both your requirements and what is possible according to the location. Based on this, they will recommend a specific type of surface or the general service we have available:

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How to Choose Your Safety Surface

The factors that should concern you the most are the ones mentioned in the beginning. However, your preferences and the final result you want for the short and long run are also crucial for the decision. At Integrity Safety Surfacing Pros of America, we are able to provide you with advice based on the climate of your location so the surface can stand the temperatures, guarantee the impact absorption will suffice your requirements, and that the appearance does not disappoint. Our professionals will consider the area where you need the surface and the type of weather you have first of all. You might be located in California, but some cities have hotter temperatures, certain precipitations, and the slightest variations input into account.

Therefore, either if you are from Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, or any other city, we will think about the weather and how the surface will interact with it. Finally, your budget and the maintenance you are able to provide to the surface will be asked. Every safety surfacing option available in our company has its price per sq. ft. which includes the installation. Also, the materials used for any of the surfaces are of high quality, and overall, none of them requires high maintenance but the investment can be greater than the other depending on your choice. For more information or to request a quote, you are welcome to use our website no matter your location in the state since our professionals work with any owner throughout California. 

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